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For Partners

Rideshare Collision Express is a company who has built the most powerful partnerships between the best in the industry to partner up and service our Rideshare Network of Uber, Lyft Drivers. After Billions of dollars were poured into the Rideshare auto industry this year, there is a demand for more qualified auto body shops more than ever now. Partnering up the best together like how Verizon and Comcast did and create nuclear visibility!
After you’ve partnered, you will receive repair work, receive online estimates, receive claims, appointment requests and other business requests via email ids and contact number, other estimates that will be available on to you. In addition, we will run an extensive press release for our certified auto-body-repair shop to alert of our network of Rideshare Drivers of their new SSA-Rideshare Certified Body Shop in their area.
Yes! This is a limited private membership base “only”.
Your website can be online in as little as 15 minutes! All the professional content is pre-built into your website. You just need to add business branding and details. However, activities like domain redirection may require a time window before they come into effect. Also, installing our Rideshare technology, boosting your name with our Rideshare of Uber and Lyft Network, Then registering you with all social marketers can take anywhere between 30-90 days.
Yes, your website is built from the ground up with the newest algorithm and platform to rank well on Google. We follow Google’s best practices right down to their latest “mobile friendly” update.
Yes, your SynergySmartAuto website uses the latest responsive web technology to work equally well on Smartphones, Desktop PCs, Laptops and Tablets. The entire website – branding, navigation, marketing banners, page layouts, text, images, specials and more – will re-adjust on the available screen space to provide a flawless user experience on any web device – be it big screen PCs or small screen mobile devices.
There is no contract! Our agreement is month to month.


For Drivers

Rideshare Collision Express is a company who has built the most powerful auto body shop partnerships to cater all Uber and Lyft Drivers and Uber/Lyft Rental Car Services.
We will provide you with our closest certified auto body shop in your local area. They offer free pick up and drop off to your nearest Enterprise or Hertz for your Uber and Lyft Rental Car.
Immediately! Contact us first! And our certified Auto Body Shop will send a tow truck to pick up your vehicle from the incident or the non certified Body Shop. If you are able to drive? Then we will provide you with our nearest auto body shop, ready to place your vehicle in an express lane and have you driving an Uber or Lyft rental car within 2 hours.
Yes! That is of course if you are in good health conditions. But, the time frame for our certified body shop to get you back on the road with Uber or Lyft Rental Car is an average of 2 hours. You must have your claim number ready and signed worked authorization form. All can be done within 2 hours.
Simple! Just call us and we will provide you a reference# and get your private discount with one of our Partners. We have Exclusive Discounts for Auto Detailing, Tires, Glass Repair, Maintenance, Smog, Auto Body Shop, Towing.
Absolutely! We will provide you with their custom rideshare Uber and Lyft Website to inform and educate you on the complete process. The website we provide you will be able to answer the most important questions. Also, you will be able to read about their services and recognition awards. We guarantee 100% customer satisfactory!
Again if you are in good health conditions? Your Rideshare car will be in an express lane and you’ll be in your Uber or Lyft Rental within 2 hours.
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