Our Company

We saw a need in the automotive repair industry for a service that is dedicated to rideshare drivers. The traditional model for vehicle repair moves at a pace much to slow for a freelancer economy. We built Rideshare Collision Express with the intent of disrupting an industry that has resisted improvements to customer experience.

Our Vision

We want to create an industry-leading customer service experience in the collision and repair sector that is tailored for rideshare drivers. We expect our customers to enter our express lanes and seamlessly transition to a rental vehicle without a wait.

Rideshare Drivers Need A Customized Repair Service

A rideshare driver makes a living serving customers. Time not on the road is time not being billed. Traditional automotive repair shops are not designed with a rideshare driver’s needs in mind. Listed below are some reasons why rideshare drivers require a repair service that is customized just for them:

A rental vehicle should be ready to drive away when a damaged vehicle is brought in for service.
An assessment should begin as soon as a damaged vehicle arrives to ensure repairs can start as soon as possible.
Rideshare drivers need a repair provider that understands their industry and how leverage that expertise with insurance companies.

We provide an easy way for Uber/Lyft drivers to have their vehicles repaired after an accident.

We ensure your vehicle is professionally repaired and coordinate your insurance claim. We’re also connected to a network of car rental companies and can have you driving away shortly after you arrive.

As a rideshare driver, you know the less time you’re available equates to less income. Rideshare Collision Express is the fastest solution to keeping your downtime to a minimum after an accident.

Our integration of leading technology and professional service delivers the most convenience, quickest service and proven results. Our job is to make sure you can do yours.

Our Office locations

New York

Random House Tower
1745 Broadway, 17th Floor
New York, NY, 10019, United States
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Park Avenue
177 Park Avenue, Suite 200,
San Jose, CA, 95113, United States
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Pennzoil Place
700 Milam, Suite 1300,
Houston, TX, 77002, United States
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