Collision repair designed for rideshare drivers. Get back on the road fast.

Car Rental Network
Get out of your car and into a rental so your income stream doesn’t get interrupted.
Professional Repair
How your vehicle looks relates to the rates you can charge. We understand the need for your repairs to be flawless.
Express-Lane Approach
Unlike a traditional body shop, we’ll have you out of your car and back on the road as quickly as possible.
Unparalleled Knowledge
Experience the best repair technicians working for you.

About Our Company

We saw a need in the automotive repair industry for a service that is dedicated to rideshare drivers. The traditional model for vehicle repair moves at a pace much to slow for a freelancer economy. We built Rideshare Collision Express with the intent of disrupting an industry that has resisted improvements to customer experience. Our service model is at the forefront of hyper-growth in our market sector:

According to The Brookings Institution, nonemployer firms in the ground transportation sector increased by 69 percent nationally between 2010 and 2014. Since then, change has accelerated.
Ridesharing has not only grown in large cities, but has continued to spread throughout the country.
Ridesharing companies are rapidly working with auto manufacturers to launch rental programs for drivers without cars.
According to the LA Times, the Millennial generation prefers to use ridesharing and public transportation over car ownership. The need for Uber/Lyft drivers is expanding.

We provide an easy way for Uber/Lyft drivers to have their vehicles repaired after an accident.

We ensure your vehicle is professionally repaired and coordinate your insurance claim. We’re also connected to a network of car rental companies and can have you driving away shortly after you arrive.

As a rideshare driver, you know the less time you’re available equates to less income. Rideshare Collision Express is the fastest solution to keeping your downtime to a minimum after an accident.

Our integration of leading technology and professional service delivers the most convenience, quickest service and proven results. Our job is to make sure you can do yours.

Client Testimonials

Matt H.
Fender Repair

This is the future of car repair. I can’t believe how efficient this is. After I dropped my car off, I was driving in less than an hour. The entire process went smoothly.

Tasha I.
Front-End Repairs

I didn’t think my car would look the same again. My bumper was dragging! But I can’t tell it was ever damaged now.

Flora W.
Rear Bumper Repair

I expected it to be like other times I’ve gone to a body shop. This was a whole different experience. It’s like someone finally realized I don’t have all day to wait around.

Robert C.
Mirror and Door Repair

This is the first time I have had a pleasant experience at a body shop. They did everything right the first time.

Rideshare drivers don’t have time to sit in waiting rooms, so we made an express lane for them.

One Call Away

When an accident happens, Rideshare Collision Express is just one call away from ensuring your vehicle is professionally repaired and you’re in a rental continuing to serve customers.

We understand how important it is for you to be back on the road quickly. Our model was designed specifically for ridesharing professionals so that collision repair is as easy and convenient as possible.

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